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Arisaema concinnum

Description: One of the more easier to grow Arisaema species of the Himalayan region. The tuber is about 2   to 3 inches across. Flowering is in  spring and both the leaf and inflorescence develop from the dormant tuber at a fast pace. The peduncle grows to about 10 inches tall and produces a striking flower.  The leaflets, 7 to 12 or more in number, radiate evenly outwards from the petiole giving the appearance of a dainty umbrella shading the delicate flower.

In late summer the foliage begins to wither and by early autumn the plant goes dormant. The tubers remain underground in a dormant state till spring when the cycle of growth and flowering is initiated again. If the plant bears berries, the peduncle will stay green till the berries ripen and fall of in winter.

Habitat: Distributed from the cooler mountain ranges from Northwest India through the Himalayan mountain range into north Burma

Ethnobotany: Not known


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