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Inflorescence and leaves develop together and often the flagellum is entwined within the folds of the developing leaves 

Arisaema costatum

Description: A very elegant flower with showy three segmented leaves. The leaves which are borne on a tall petiole are also very showy even when the plant is not in flower. The tuber is about  3 to 4 inches across. Flowering is in  late spring and both the leaf and inflorescence develop from the dormant tuber at a fast pace. The peduncle grows to about 10 inches tall and produces a striking flower. The flowers last on the plant for about 3 weeks in full bloom. During the warm and wet monsoon months from June through September the plants remain green while the tuber grows and stores food for the dormant winter months. If the plant is not bearing seeds, the leaves and petiole start withering in early autumn. The tubers remain in a dormant state underground throughout winter.

Habitat: Native to Central and eastern Nepal.

Ethnobotany:  Not known

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