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Arisaema speciosum

If there ever was a "cobra lily" ready to strike and frighten the wits out of you then this is it! Even the tubers are different from other Arisaema species. The tubers are cylindrical and in large specimens can attain a length of 12 inches and a girth of 6 inches. Flowers in early spring The petiole is stout and green with dark brown blotches along its length. The leaf is three segmented and the margins of the leaflets are edged in red. The peduncle is shorter than the petiole. The flowers last for about 2 to three weeks before they wither way. The very decorative leaves remain on the plant till late summer and die down. If the plant is bearing seeds the peduncle will hold the berries till early autumn. tubers dormant underground throughout winter.

Habitat: Eastern Himalayas through  Bhutan and Northeast India in cool forests subjected to winter frost and the occasional snowfall.

Ethnobotany: Not known

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