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Arisaema tortuosum

This is probably the most common species of Arisaema from our part of the world. In its natural habitat it is found growing in a wide range of climatic zones ranging from the warm foothills right up to cold, winter frost areas. It inhabits lightly shaded woods and also sunny hill slopes growing along with other shrubs and grasses. .Arisaema tortuosum blooms from late spring through summer. This is a very variable species and one can find plants with clear green spathes to those that are brushed with dark brown. In autumn, bright red berries ripen on the tall stem of those plants that have set seed.

Habitat: Entire sub-himalayan belt of Northern India and to Northeast India and China

Ethnobotany: Not known

The picture on the right was taken at 7000ft elevation where the cold climate seems to produce colonies of late flowering plants which are taller growing and more robust. Picture on the left is from lower elevation type




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