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corms and cormlets of Colocasia esculenta (centre) with sweet potato (left) and oranges and bananas (right) in local market in winter

Colocasia esculenta

Widely grown the world over as a food crop. In our hilly regions this is a summer monsoon crop. Small cormels are planted out in spring, often along with the sowing of corn, usually on the edges of terraced fields. Not much of cultivation is done since it is not a staple food item. Grows luxuriantly when provided with a rich humus based compost.

Ethnobotany: The main tuber and side tubers mature in autumn when the leaves die down. Throughout winter the tubers are available in village and suburban markets. The tubers are boiled and eaten after peeling the outer skin. Often a dip of hot peppers or mint or fish paste is an accompaniment. These boiled tubers are also used to make curries of various types. It is very rich in starch. Different varieties of Colocasia esculenta are grown and depending upon the variety the boiled tubers are either sticky starchy or fluffy starchy. 

A variety with deep maroon petioles under propagation in our garden.
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