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Xanthosoma saggitifolium or Xanthosoma violaceum petiole salad



Xanthosoma saggitifolium or Xanthosoma violaceum and some of it's varieties though eaten in many countries requires close attention in preparing the vegetable. It contains chemicals which are acrid and can cause choking and intense irritation of the tongue and throat and mouth in some persons. Please verify from friends or experts who have tried using Xanthosoma vegetative parts for food before trying the recipe.



250 grams fresh Xanthosoma saggitifolium or Xanthosoma violaceum  petioles

50 grams sesame seed

half teaspoon turmeric powder

pinch of chili powder or to taste

three tablespoons fresh lemon juice

a pinch (about 10 to 15 seeds) of fenugreek seeds

two tablespoon cooking oil

salt to taste


Peel the outer skin of fresh Xanthosoma saggitifolium or Xanthosoma violaceum leaf petioles. Cut the peeled petioles into one inch pieces. Boil the petiole pieces for about 5 minutes till soft. Remove from boiling water and squeeze out all absorbed water and place on paper towels to absorb remaining water.

Roast sesame seeds in a thick bottomed wok till deep brown. Grind roasted sesame seeds in a food processor to a fine consistency.

Mix roasted sesame powder with boiled petioles. 

Add all remaining ingredients except oil and fenugreek seed and mix well.

Heat oil in a pan till it smokes and add fenugreek seed and deep fry till deep brown. Quickly pour this mix on to the salad and mix well.


The salad is ready for serving.

Colocasia esculenta leaf petioles ready for skinning

Peel off skin covering of petioles. The skin comes off very easily

Cut peeled petioles into one inch lengths

Xanthosoma petiole salad is served with rice but can be used as an excellent sandwich filling.


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