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Xanthosoma saggitifolia cut end of petiole produces copious amounts of a milky white sap

local name in Nepali: séto-dudh-manay   (séto-doodh-ma-nay). 

(  séto=white; doodh = milk; ma-nay = general term for aroids of this and Colocasia group)

Description:  An aroid grown all over the tropics as a food plant. Very variable but typically a plant with tuberous rhizomes and elegant leaves on a long petiole.  Only large and undisturbed plants tend to flower. Does not loose leaves in winter in our region which has a frost free mild winter

Habitat: Widely grown in Nepal and through the Himalayan range up to northeast India.  Found growing in forest areas close to cultivated land where it is cultivated for food and fodder for cattle and pigs.  Native to South America and Caribbean Islands

Ethnbobotany: Leaf petioles and tender new growth tubers used as food (Recipe).   Leaf blades also used for food (Recipe).


Lady selling petioles of Xanthosoma violaceum and Xanthoisoma saggitifolium in local market
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