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Ensete glaucum

Plant habit: Solitary, non suckering with stem height up to 12 ft tall. Whole plant dies down after fruit are ripe and new populations originate from seeds. Stem glaucous with a  broad base, tapering upwards, with large "banana" leaves.

Flowering habit: when the stem reaches full maturity, a strong inflorescence develops from the apical portion of the stem. The actual inflorescence defies description in layman's terms so the illustration should make up for our lack of words. The fruits are about 5 inches long, filled with large black seeds. It has very little pulp.

Culture: Rich organic compost. Tub culture produces plants. Excellent for outdoor culture where weather permits. Grows very fast  with liberal fertilising when established

Ethnobotany:  Not known

Habitat distribution:  China. Also India but exact location not known.   


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