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Ensete superbum

Plant habit: Solitary, non suckering. Whole plant dies down after fruit are ripe and new populations originate from seeds. Stem  short  and covered with persistent leaf sheaths. Large "banana" leaves grow up to 8 ft long.

Flowering habit: when the stem reaches full maturity, a strong inflorescence develops from the apical portion of the stem. The fruits are about 4 inches long, filled with large black seeds. It has very little pulp.

Culture: Rich organic compost. Tub culture produces plants. Excellent for outdoor culture where weather permits. Grows well with liberal fertilising when established

Habitat distribution:  Southwest India, along the Western Ghats

Ethnobotany: Ripe seeds ground and eaten for curing dysentery. Seeds an important ingredient of  local alternative medicine in South India.



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