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Musa balbisiana

Plant habit: Suckering banana growing very tall up to 20 ft. Large spreading oblong leaves. Petioles, upper portion of stem and underside of leaves, specially  young leaves, glaucous. Stems are strong and sturdy and form huge clumps where grown.

Flowering habit:  Drooping spikes  produced almost throughout the year as stems in a clump mature. The fruits are bluish green and eventually develop yellow skin when mature. Ripe fruits have little pulp but numerous small seeds characterised by a rough, warty seed coat. Ripe fruits on the plant attract birds, bats and other nocturnal visitors.

Culture: Rich organic compost. Tub culture produces plants but best for outdoor culture where weather permits. Grows well with liberal fertilising when established

Habitat distribution:  Northeast India, Darjeeling & Sikkim Himalayas

Ethnobotany: Ripe seeds ground and eaten for curing dysentery and diahorrea and sore throat. Leaves used for serving food in religious and other  festivals and feasts. Male flowers boiled and made into salads and curries. Sheaths make a rope and young new shoots chopped and cooked for cattle fodder. Grown near village homesteads.


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