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Musa Chini champa

This is a distinctive banana that is a favourite among banana lovers for it's very sweet tasting fruit combined with a fresh "banana" aroma. The plants are not very large when grown in the relatively cool climate of Kalimpong. The stems are deep red brown when mature and new shoots show distinct red colouration. New leaves have a red tinge on the back of the leaves. Midribs of leaves are dull red. In the hot areas of West Bengal this variety is known as "Champa-Kala" and the plants grow taller and are more robust and each inflorescence produces more hands of fruit.

In the hills, the name "Chini-champa" originates from "chini = sugar" and "champa=fragrance of magnolia flowers".

One of the more sought after bananas in the hilly regions of Darjeeling District.


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