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Bulb, bulb: n. a spheroidal, subterranean stem or bud of certain perennials (onions. lilies, &c.), serving as a nutritive store: a corm: any protuberance or enlargement resembling such. v.i. to form bulbs; to bulge out or swell. adjs. bulbar, bulbed, bulbous (as in a bulbous nose), bulbaceous, bulbiform, bulbiferous, bulbose, bulby.

Bulbule: a little bulb: a young bulb which grows from an old one. (L. bulbous—Gr. bolbos, an onion)

Bulb: n. an electric bulb; incandescant bulb

Bulbs or  bulbous plants as a group encompass some of the most well known and widely grown plants in the world of floriculture.


Achimines Agapanthus africanus Amaryllis hybrids MIXED
Amaryllys Mrs. Garfield Amaryllis doubles Amaryllis roseum
Crinum amoenum Crinum Ellen Bosanquet Crinum PINK
Crinum powellii alba Canna edulis Canna indica
Canna variegeta Canna speciosa Cyrtanthus MacKenii 
Gloriosa rothschildiana Haemanthus multiflorus Eucharis amazonica
Hippestrellia Durga Pradhan Lilium longiflorum Dwarf Lilium nepalense
Lilium tigrinum Lilium wallichianum Lycoris


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