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The colour of the inside of the petals vary considerably

  This photo represents a dark coloured variation   


Lilium nepalense

Here is one Lily  bulb which you can roast/bake in hot ashes and embers of a log fire and eat. That is what locals in the mountains of Nepal do. It is known in the villages of Nepal by the name of ban lasoon  Hopefully, you will be wanting this bulb to grow and flower and enjoy its oriental beauty rather than eat it.

 Distributed in the mid Himalayan range from Nepal through Darjeeling and Sikkim and into Bhutan, this Lily inhabits cool mountain forests among the rhododendrons and oaks and flowers in late spring/early summer. It is difficult to imagine how such a thin and wiry stem that grows up to 5ft tall can support a head of these large flowers. Lilium nepalense is  a wanderer. When the dormant bulb starts to grow it in late spring it sends out underground stems  to a distance (sometimes up to 18 inches) away from the main bulb before deciding to grow up and behave as a normal lily stem does.


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