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Eucharis amazonica

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There are no weeds in our garden
Only beautiful plants!
Most are native flora
Others from distant lands!


Lilium nepalense


Top:Wallichia disticha

"....... After arrival in darkness at The Orchid Retreat and the inspection by torchlight of a few palms and cycads, a number of people of our group could not resist the temptation to get up early and appreciate the garden with the rising sun. An astonishingly beautiful scene was revealed. The Orchid Retreat is surrounded by forest-covered hills and occupies a steep south-facing slope with the terraced garden falling from the main villa at the top. Our bungalows, built in traditional style with various products of bamboo, had balconies which looked over the garden to the hills over the valley. The garden itself was well maintained on the higher terraces, gradually becoming more natural until it merged with the woodland in the valley.

The range and scope of plants was immense indicating good growing conditions for everything from familiar annual bedding plants such as marigolds and larkspur to clumps of hippeastrum, large bushes of poinsettia, bougainvillaea and cannas to agaves and euphorbias, an amazing variety all growing extremely well. Most interesting, of course were the palms and cycads of which there was a wide range of species. The garden was framed by a number of very large Caryota 'himalaya' remaining from the original woodland clearance but many other species have been planted including a fine specimen of Trachycarpus sikkimensis, Cycas pectinata and a large Wallichia densiflora........"

Excerpt from an article by David Albon, U.K.  
CHAMAEROPS, No.26, Spring 1997.  (The Journal of the European Palm Society)
.Reproduced with permission of The Editor

Curcuma angustifolia

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Ensete glaucum


Pothos scandens


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