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Curcuma amada

Mango Ginger. 

(In the West Bengal region the local name is am-haldi)

Description: A ginger with stout underground rhizomes. Foliage dies down in late in autumn and the rhizomes remain dormant in winter. The inflorescence appears in spring from the base of the rhizome. The peduncle grows to about 8 to 10 inches tall. Leaves appear after the flowers. When in full growth the plants can reach a height of about 3ft tall. Leaves are broad and very decorative. Good for cut-flower use with a vase life of about 10 days for a fresh stem.

Habitat: This species is grown in villages. Rhizomes have an aroma of green mango. The fresh and dried rhizomes are used for flavouring curries.

Ethnobotany: Rhizomes used to some extent in villages for flavouring curries.

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