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Caulokaempferia linearis

(Syn. Kaempferia linearis)

Description: A very fragile looking plant with showy flowers. The rhizomes are very small and deciduous in winter. In late spring the new growths emerge finally growing into a rather thin leafy stem. Leaves are deep green and of a thin texture with the underside flushed red/purple. Inflorescence is terminal, each flower covered by a bract. In mid summer the individual flower open out in succession. The most striking part of the flower is the large, showy lip. The small petals are flushed with red on the back. Individual flowers remain open for a day or two and a well grown plant produces individual flowers over a period of about 3 weeks. Around November as winter sets in the stems dry up and the rhizomes remain dormant throughout winter. One must be careful in maintaining the rhizome during this period of dormancy. The compost in which it is growing should be sprayed with clean water on the surface to keep the compost just slightly

Habitat: This species is found in the eastern Himalayas and inhabits cool forest areas near mountain streams and damp forest floors growing along with other weeds. Also found growing on crevices of large boulders by mountain streams in humus collected in the crevices. Grows fast and vigorously during the summer monsoon months.

Ethnobotany: Not known

caulokaempferia linearis flower close-up.jpg

caulokaempferia linearis inflorescence.jpg


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