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Curcuma angustifolia 

Description: Deciduous.Rhizomes remain dormant underground in winter. In early spring the inflorescense is produced before the leaves. Very colourful bracts make this a showy species. The shape and colour of the bracts are very variable. The inflorescence lasts in full bloom on the plants for about three weeks and more. Good for cut flower use with a vase life of 10 days and more for fresh cut blooms. Leaves grow to about 2ft tall and die down in autumn..

Habitat: This species is flound in the Eastern Himalays and inhabits bright open hillsides and woods.

Ethnobotany: Not known.

Curcuma angustifolia.jpg (54664 bytes)
Curcuma angustifolia bicolor.jpg (8915 bytes)

Curcuma angustifolia biclour form

Curcuma angustifolia deep pink form.jpg (8053 bytes)

Curcuma angustifolia deep pink form


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