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Curcuma longa

Local name in Nepali: hardi ( har-dee) ; Hindi: haldi (hal-dee) 
western world: turmeric

Description: Deciduous. Underground rhizomes dormant through winter. New growths appear in spring and grow fast in the warm months. In summer, an inflorescence is produced from in-between the leaf petioles. The bracts are not as colourful as other species in the genus.  The uppermost bracts are white with just a hint of light mauve colour on the tips. The bloom can be used as a cut flower.


Ethnobotany: This is the ginger from which turmeric is produced. The rhizomes when cut exhibit a deep yellow colour and the juice from fresh cut rhizomes can stain the hand and clothes. Curcuma longa is grown in large quantities throughout India and other Asian countries. The rhizomes are sliced and sun dried and powdered to make turmeric powder of commerce. It is an important ingredient in everyday cooking in Indian homes. Also used as a dye. Important ingredient in the ancient Indian medicine system Ayurveda

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