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Globba andersonii

Description: Winter dormant. Small rhizomes remain underground in winter with new growths coming up in spring with the advent of warm weather. New growths grow fast to about two feet tall. In summer, after the growth is complete, an inflorescence emerges from the apical portion of the stem. As the inflorescence elongates the buds at the lower portion start to flower. The whole plant flowers over a period of a month and more. Individual flowers last in bloom for about 4 to 5 days and others open successively.

Habitat: Eastern Himalayas. Found growing in warm foothills along mud banks growing along with grasses which provide the plants with shade in summer. Also found in light wooded areas, along with grasses.

Ehtnobotany: Not known



Photo shows Globba andersonii growing under naturalised conditions in the woods below our garden. A vine has conveniently entwined itself on the plant and climbed up the inflorescence.



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