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Globba cathcartii

Description: Winter dormant with the rhizomes remaining underground. New growths emerge in spring and growth is fast. This is a rather tall growing species with a relatively stout stem. The inflorescence itself grows to about 18 inches  tall and emerges from the apical portion of the stem in summer. The lower buds open first and individual flowers remain in full bloom for a week or so and other buds open successively. Bulbils are produced in abundance from the apical portion of the inflorescence and when these drop off in autumn as the stem dies, they remain dormant on the ground, covered by leaf litter and dried grasses. In spring, these little bulbils take root and grow.

Habitat: Eastern Himalayas. Found growing in scrubland among grasses and low bushes. also in lightly wooded areas.

Ethnobotany: Not known  

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