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Hedychium coronarium

Description: A Hedychium grown worldwide for its pristine white flowers which are highly scented. The stem that has flowered will remain evergreen for a year or more. We have seen Hedychium coronarium growing and flowering in the hot plains of mainland India and also in the cooler mountains almost to the frost level. Best when grown to a large clump so that there are many flowering stems. Flowers in summer.

Habitat: Native of the eastern Himalayas

Ethnobotany: Not known but commercially used for its fragrant flowers in making garlands, and bouquets. In Hawaii the plant is treated as an unwelcome weed though the flowers are used extensively for making "leis" (garlands).

NOTE: This species is currently prohibited by Government of India for export. A special nursery cultivated certificate is to be obtained for export documentation. Procedure has not been finalised yet.



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