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This picture was exposed in the garden late July on a misty monsoon morning

 Hedychium garnderianum

(known in the horticultural world as Kahili Ginger)

Description: This is surely the most magnificent species of Hedychium in cultivation. It blooms in summer on very tall stems up to 6ft. tall and the inflorescence itself can grow to over 12 inches in length. Stem, underside of leaf and floral bracts powdery white. This is another Hedychium species where the stems do not die down in winter though it undergoes a period of dormancy. Current years stem growth carries on to the next year. 

Habitat: Nepal, Eastern Himalayas and Northeast India. found growing on shaded woodland and steep banks along roadsides growing along with grasses and low bush.  Found growing in higher elevations often in areas subject to winter frost and the occasional snowfall.

Ethnobotany: Not known


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