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Kaempferia "ribbed leaf"

Note: we do not have a positive identify of this species as yet

Description: We have had funny results with this species. If grown in heavy shade, the petioles elongate and the flower peduncle also grows to about 6 inches tall before producing successive flowers (bottom picture at right). If grown in bright light conditions the plants assumes a dwarf stature (top picture at right).   Leaf blade shows prominent ribbing on upper surface. Flowers throughout summer with flowers opening successively. Winter dormant. Rhizomes remain underground through winter. You can grow it as the tall plant (deep shade) or a dwarf plant (bright light) and even in bright sunlight, we have not had leaf scorch.

Habitat: Not known. Plant known from local trade  as Kaempfaeria parishii

Ethnobotany: Not known



















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