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Kaempferia rotunda

Local name in Nepali - bhui-champha (bhoo-ee - cham-pha)

Description: Leaves grow to about 2ft tall. Leaves are graceful and the petioles tightly clasp and overlap each other at the base giving the impression of a stem. Leaves mottled on the surface and red/maroon/purple at the back. Flowers emerge in early spring before the leaves. Individual flowers last for about two to three days only but this is compensated by flowers opening up successively over a period of a month or so. Flowers are very fragrant. Winter dormant. Rhizomes remain underground throughout winter.

Ethnobotany: The rhizomes are used in local medicine by grinding (fresh or dried) and making a paste with water. This paste is mixed with other herbs and applied to sprains and covered with a bandage.



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