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Ginger : n. an aromatic rootstock (rhizome) of a species of Zingiber ( Zingiber officinale} used in eastern culinary preparation as a pungent spice and increasingly the world over as a flavouring agent and spice in various cuisines. Important herb in Ayurved, ancient Indian system of medicine and other ethnic alternative medical practice.

Ginger: n. a friend in school. He had orange/red coloured hair. We christened him Ginger (nobody ever knew why) though Red would have been more appropriate.

Ginger: n. hot and spicy member of the Spice Girls group.

The Gingers are not only beautiful horticultural plants but they also form an important part of commerce in the agricultural economics of Asian countries. Many important spices and flavouring agents used throughout the world like Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Galangal, are produced from the dried and powdered rhizomes of different species of different Genera of the Zingiberaceae. Listed below are the Gingers we grow and supply. 


Amomum dealbatum Globba schomburgkii Hedychium spicatum
Amomum  UK-1 Kaempferia galanga Hedychium thyrsiforme
Amomum subulatum Kaempferia rotunda Hedychium UK-2
Caulokaempferia linearis Kaempferia species "mottled leaf" Hemiorchis pantlingii
Cautleya gracilis Kaempferia species "ribbed leaf" Roscoea purpurea
Cautleya lutea Hedychium coccineum Zingiber capitatum
Curcuma angustifolia Hedychium coronarium Zingiber casumunar
Curcuma amada Hedychium densiflorum Zingiber chrysanthum
Curcuma aromatica Hedychium ellipticum Zingiber clarkeii
Curcuma longa Hedychium flavescens Zingiber officinale
Curcuma zeodaria Hedychium gardnerianum Zingiber rubens
Curcumorpha longiflora Hedychium GOLD SPOT Zingiber zerumpet
Globba andersonii Hedychium gracilis Zingiber zerumpet decaryii
Globba cathcartii Hedychium greenei  


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