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Zingiber casumunar

local name in Nepali= phachyang (pha-chyang)

Plant size: Stems which are rather thin grow up to 2.5ft tall. Summer. Leaves aromatic specially when crushed. The dark brownish green cone has tightly packed overlapping bracts from which individual cream colored flowers open throughout the summer. The cone is held on a peduncle that grows to about 10 inches tall. Winter dormant. The stem and cone begin to dry off in late autumn. Rhizomes remain underground throughout winter.  

Habitat: North eastern Himalayas

Ethnobotany: Fresh and dried rhizomes are aromatic and used medicinally. Small pieces swallowed with water said to prevent nausea. Dried or fresh rhizome pieces are crushed and the paste applied to foreheads of little children to ward off evil spirits. The paste also rubbed as a balm on temples and forehead to cure nausea and headaches.




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