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Zingiber clarkei

Description: Stems grow to about 5 ft. tall. Undersides of leaves of a silvery white color. This species is one of the few gingers which produces its inflorescence from the apical portion of the stem. The inflorescence is stout and individual flowers are produced successively over a 3 week period. Each flower lasts in bloom for about a week. The most distinctive part of the flower is it's broad yellow lip densely spotted with deep brown. Seed capsules are almost cylindrical and turn red when ripe. Flowers in summer. Winter dormant. Stems start drying off around late autumn by which time any seed capsules set on the plants become red in color and split to disperse the seeds.

Habitat: Eastern Nepal, Bhutan and Northeast India

Ethnobotany: Not known

zingiber clarkeii flowers with seed capsules maturing.jpg


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