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Zingiber rubens 

known in horticulture as Bengal Ginger

Description: Leafy stems grow up to 6ft tall. Summer flowering. Flowers from base of rhizome with the inflorescence almost embedded on the growing substrate. A short peduncle carries the inflorescence with tightly packed bright red bracts. Single flowers emerge from within the bracts. Flowers have a showy lip. Flowering period is over a period of about three weeks to a month with individual flowers appearing from the bracts successively. Individual flowers last in bloom for around 4 to 5 days. Winter dormant. Rhizomes remain underground through winter. Stems die down in autumn

Habitat: Eastern Himalayas, Northeast India.

Ethnobotany: Seed capsules used as as spice

zingiber rubens inflorescence and flowers.jpg
zingiber rubens lip details of flower.jpg


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