Links to websites we have enjoyed visiting

we will list more links as we find sites of interest

of course this site advertises the cottages in our garden area where visitors from around the spend some time enjoying the garden and home cooked food and taking time off to do the sights of Kalimpong

A site devoted to the genus Crinum with lots of information and pictures on Crinum species and hybrids

David Constantine's website tells you all there is to know about the Banana (Musa) and related genera.

Website of The International Aroid Society with authoritative  information on Aroids of the world

This is David's commercial site for a wonderful listing of plants                      Website of European Palm Society with tons of information on Palms

Palms from around the world, Bamboo, Bananas and many rare things

Website of The International Palm Society with information on Palms and links to other related sites

If you are looking for Palm seeds, Musa seeds, Heliconia seeds and other rare seeds, look no further. These guys have it all.           PLANTS Magazine, published 4 issues yearly, with articles  and wonderful illustrations on new introductions in the plant world, growing tips and more.

This site is in German but for plant lovers it is easy to navigate through the names of Genera and Species

Here is a site that will keep you engrossed with a vast selection of Gingers, Aroids, Bananas and other interesting stuff.

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