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A few words about our plants......

At the very outset we would like to state that none of us here in the organisation are botanists. We have kept plant descriptions as accurate as possible. Plant names listed are those known in the trade and synonyms or current nomenclature are listed where known. If any knowledgeable surfer finds  mistakes in descriptions and names, we would appreciate a prompt.

While gathering information to  present in the descriptions  there was a strong temptation to list cold hardiness of the species and hybrids in these pages. We decided against it as this might end up as wrong information to the end grower. Plants being living things their adaptability to different climatic conditions and different growing conditions is always experimental, specially the first time around. But it amazes us that plants have this tremendous zest to live and grow and flower under conditions far removed from where it originated. It helps if one were to converse with one's plants. Who knows, they might just respond favourably if they sense that they sort of like you.

Happy growing.


O All the photographs in this website have been exposed in our garden and nursery.  Source of photographs not from our garden or nursery are mentioned.  We have endeavored to show photographs of flowers as they appear in a natural setting in our garden. Some are photographed with a background to enhance the floral parts. Some are not very good and will be replaced when we have better pictures. 
A view down the terraced hillside showing plants of various types in summer growth>


O  All the plants pictured and offered for sale are either vegetative propagations or raised from seed. We are a bit old fashioned in our views and  believe that traditional seed raised plants provide genetic variability within a species. Also, the chances of variation in floral characteristics in size, color and shape are things to look forward to.        

Curcuma seedlings>



 O  Of course, we realise that modern cloning methods in the laboratory are necessary to propagate good clones for distribution among growers and hobbyists. We have selected some promising clones in Curcuma and Hedychium for tissue culture propagation and hope to be able to offer these in the near future.                                              

Curcuma zeodaria in beds in full summer growth>



O All plants offered whether grown by us or by our growers are cultivated in the open in terraced fields. During planting out operations the soil is turned and covered for a week under plastic in March/April. The hot spring sun helps kill harmful organisms in the soil. We do not use any harmful insecticides on our plants.  Occasionally, during the monsoons when it is hot, humid and wet, we use a copper fungicide to spray on the plants and drench the soil on which the plants are growing. 

Lilium tigrinum double flowered variety>


crinum_bulbs_planting_after_seperation_of_offshoots.jpg arisaema_tortuosum_in_beds.jpg


Crinium bulbs planted out after division


Arisaema tortuosum in beds under shade trees

Curcuma amada in beds in summer growth

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