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Tacca integrifolia

This plant never fails to attract visitors when in flower in our garden. Many ask if it is an "insect eating plant". Ladies, specially, have to be coaxed to go near plant and touch the  flowers.

Tacca integrifolia is a robust plant with a cylindric rhizome. It has large leaf blades on a petiole up to 15 inches long. Flower scapes on well established plants can grow to 3 ft. tall. The flowers are best appreciated from the pictures as a very botanically technical description would is quite beyond us. Suffice it to say that the flowers have them all...hoods, whiskers, whistles, the works. The actual flowers are a purple colour and seen hanging forward from in-between the hood in the pictures.

Habitat:  Eastern Himalayas from Bhutan to Northeast India.

Ethnobotany: Not known

A paddle shaped bud about to open is seen at the back of the flower


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