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Bamboo shoots  in Kalimpong market

An absence of cold storage devices and frozen foods makes one look forward to seasonal fruit and vegetables. If one had access to these delicacies throughout the year over  supermarket counters in bottles and plastic packaging, one probably would not attach much value to them. A vegetable delicacy much looked forward to is the appearance of succulent bamboo shoots in summer during the monsoon.  Many species of bamboo abound in these hill regions and from around the end of June till middle of September, succulent bamboo shoots are sold in the Kalimpong  haat-bazaar**. Some of the bamboo shots are a bit sweetish in taste, some are bitter, some are crunchy but all of those sold are of the same colour, yellow. When bamboo shoots are harvested, they are a bland white colour. To make them look more attractive, the bamboo shoots are boiled for a short period in water in which copious amounts of turmeric powder has been dissolved. 

** haat-bazaar=a village open air market, usually held once every week, where all manner of produce catering to the needs of the village are sold and traded. Continuing the tradition since times long ago when it was a small village, the haat-bazaar in Kalimpong is held every Saturday d Wednesday.


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