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Bananas in Kalimpong market

A few miles out of Kalimpong town brings one into a quiet rural atmosphere where villagers go about their farming activities. In the warmer valleys, bananas are grown in small land holdings as a part of the main farming practice. Some excellent tables varieties of banana are grown. The lady selling her crop in Kalimpong haat-bazaar** is the variety known as dhusray. The fruits being sold are mature and a few hand bought and kept in a dark, warm place in the home starts the ripening process. The dhusray banana is a large sized fruit and two ripe fruits make a wholesome meal.

** haat-bazaar=a village open air market, usually held once every week, where all manner of produce catering to the needs of the village are sold and traded. Continuing the tradition since times long ago when it was a small village, the haat-bazaar in Kalimpong town is held every Saturday and  Wednesday.



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